Learn more about autologon

Learn more about autologon

It is such a feeling of accomplishment knowing that you will don’t need a lot of time to enter a site. Not only that but also on your social media accounts. Most of us wanted to have the automatic kind in a system. One of the main reason that companies entails the best autologon in their system is for security.

Experts have comes its way to use autologon effectively. As there are some instances that not all the time we are secure in entering automatically. So they’ve come up with such ideas of autologon and strengthening its security. This was the company primary focus. Microsoft windows the one who build this, they’ve gone so much in researching. To studied all the possibilities problem along the way using the system of autologon.  This include the one that could attack a system with automatic login. Then eventually comes to the point to made LogonExpert autologon software. This for the purpose of double the authentication security. Also, to protect all its data as possible. Another is to preserve this simple configuration options and an intuitive interface.

Windows Autologon

Different feature of autologon

The system of autologon has Direct integration with WinLogon. This is when LogonExpert directly associated with WinLogon. This is without using any intermediary software. Thus the Windows registry, or any other secure storage. Also has a Data security. Wherein LogonExpert can stores data and other authentication. Which encrypted with the strong algorithm. This is known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and managed by the experts.

Another is the Post-logon protection

This  Post-logon protection is the checkbox LogonExpert. Which is responsible to lock the workstation. Such as the desktop immediately after the system is logged on. This is for the pupose in preventing the unauthorized access to the computer. This serves as the double authentication features of the autologon.

User rights control

This is the user control checkbox default. Wherein the LogonExpert can be run only under an administrator account. This is for the better security of the system. This will serves as the safeguards logon data. Though there are other users on the computer it cannot easily hacked by someone. However, if it is necessary that you can allow an auto login configuration to users without any of administrative privileges.

This maybe the best features of the system of autologon

Users can Scheduled automatic logon and scheduled logoff. This is being used for some instances, in scheduling a tasks. This is when LogonExpert provides you with powerful autologon scheduling. You can set a simple delay before every login, or plan logoff.

Then has the feature of Bypassing autologin barriers

This is  whatever might appear as a legal notice. An unexpected shutdown event or window. This feature of LogonExpert will automatically bypass it. In such a way of bypassing a standard, according to the site can use the pattern of Ctrl+Alt+Del. This is a pre-logon request is handled routinely.

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