Fake urine is the best solution for a urine drug test

Fake urine is the best solution for a urine drug test

Synthetic or fake urine is a foolproof option if you are asked to do a urinalysis. If you have partied recently the drug elements will remain in your urine for few days. However, this should not be a hindrance to your new job. Nor should it force you to change your lifestyle. If you do not want to compromise on both things i.e. your job and your lifestyle then always use fake pee for the drug test.

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Why can’t I opt to borrow clean pee from a friend who does not take drugs or drinks, instead of using fake pee?

If you borrow clean pee from a friend there are chances that the urine temperature may change after you take a sample from him. Your friend might be taking drugs but you might not be aware of it, or there can be any sort of complications in this case. The best alternative is to always use fake pee for drug test instead of relying on someone. Also buying a fake urine kit online is totally confidential so why take the risk of involving someone while doing this drug test.

For which kind of tests, can I use fake pee?

Fake pee cannot be used for all sorts of lab tests. It is only advisable to use it in case of an unsupervised lab test. If the lab assistant is watching you pee in the bottle or cup then you will be caught red-handed if you use a fake urine kit. In that situation using a detox syrup prior to the test is advisable. In some cases, a whizzinator can help in case of monitored drug test, but you need to be careful.

Do proper research about the lab and its rules before going to the test or before preparing yourself for the test. If you will be allowed to urinate in a bathroom cubicle then it is very easy and you can hide the fake urine sample in your clothes and pass the test easily. Some labs may also require you to wear a hospital robe while taking the sample. This will make it impossible to hide the bottle in your clothes.

What is a whizzinator or a urine belt?

It is a synthetic urine belt with a fake penis. It can be concealed easily in your underwear and can be attached to your waist. This belt is used to dispense the synthetic urine solution prepared at home or other place and it is not easy to detect its usage from a reasonable distance. Using the package you can easily clear a supervised drug test.

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