Munchkin Bottle Warmer–It’s Importance and Advantages

Munchkin Bottle Warmer–It’s Importance and Advantages

Moms need to be very careful when they are heating pumped breast milk and formula. Suppose you heat breast milk in a microwave it will change milk’s composition that causes milk to lose some anti-infective nutrients even when it is microwaved for a brief period. For this reason, they are useful and why many newborn’s parents are purchasing it.

Breast milk usually is sensitive to the warm temperatures and will quickly lose all the vitamin C content. So, heating breast milk on a stove is ineffective as it causes the central spike in the temperature that causes breast milk to break apart entirely. Like microwaved breast milk, this causes loss of immunological properties, minerals, vitamins, and other micro-nutrients quickly. Thus, what will you do? You may put your pumped breast milk in the sterilized bottle & run this under the hot water for 10 minutes – however, who can do this when your newborn is screaming as he/she is starving? The same thing is with formula. For many years, doctors are saying that microwaving the formula causes some horrible heat distribution that can burn your babies’ bellies and mouth’s. Even though most of the people shake their bottles to avoid it – but it doesn’t work as heat generally re-conglomerate right away.

munchkin bottle warmer

How can you use the baby bottle warmers?

Most will efficiently heat the pumped breast milk or formula in one to three minutes. They’re quite convenient because suppose your baby’s room is on upstairs then you can keep this warmed up also. When you are changing your baby’s diaper the bottle warmer can have warmed up three or four ounces of milk. They’re very simple-to-use, reliable and quick. You do not have to worry that your babysitter may overcook the munchkin bottle warmer in the microwave. You have to add a little water in the container and choose the setting. You put this bottle in and then close the lid to leave it for some time. Baby bottle warmer will heat this milk by quickly evaporating the water as well as heats breast milk without hotspots and breaking down any milk’s composition.

Remember using a microwave for the pumped breast milk or formula is not recommended to heat your bottle. Not just is it tough to judge on how long you must heat this bottle for, but it also breaks up and causes loss of immunological properties, minerals, vitamins or other micro-nutrients quickly.

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