What to Look for in a Digital Radio

Whether it is FM or Internet radio, there is something for you out there – digital radios. Before looking for a radio, it is prudent to learn the different types of radios available for you. The Best Radios include the following types:

  • DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios: this is by far the most popular type of digital radio. DAB can range from small personal handheld devices to large tabletop radios. The good thing about this radio is it gives you a wider choice of channels without natural static as it picks up a digital signal. It also features automatic tuning.
  • Internet radios: this type of digital radio surged in popularity. It works by accessing your home Wi-Fi network giving you the option to listen to web-based radio stations – around the world. The choices seem vast, which makes it more appealing for avid listeners. The good thing about this radio is it gives you better sound quality and it can act as a wireless speaker for your collection.
  • Battery-powered radios: this is great for people on the go. Some radios utilise dedicated rechargeable batteries, which will recharge when the radio is plugged in.
  • Personal radios: then there are personal radios, which are small like Walkman devices. It will allow you to listen to DAB radio. It can also be a useful alternative for the larger tabletop model. Now that you know the different types of digital radio, the next thing to do is to ascertain key features to look for. This can help in your buying decision. You should consider the following features:Best Radios
  • Alarms: your radio should help you get out of bed in the mornings. With this, a radio with a good alarm is vital. There are many radios with alarms but the best one will allow you to select which days to set the alarm and how it will sound. There are even models where you can input multiple independent alarms.
  • Snooze button: speaking of alarms, it should also have a snooze button. This way, you can buy yourself 5-10 more minutes in bed without scrabbling.
  • Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication): these are useful features if you want to stream your music from your tablet or mobile wirelessly. Radios these days have Bluetooth and NFC that will seamlessly sync with your electronic device.
  • Touchscreen: traditionally, radios have buttons and knobs. With digital radio, it has touchscreens. However, touchscreens are sensitive. This is the reason why it is not best suited in the kitchen where you wash up your dishes.
  • Remote control: this is not an essential accessory but it can make a difference at the end of the day. The remote control is handy so you do not need to get up and adjust the volume or switch stations.
  • USB: this is also a handy addition because it allows you to plug in other devices like a tablet or smartphone. The radio can also charge your devices.
  • Recording: this is not common but you can make good use of this feature. The recording will allow you to record your favorite show.