Singapore LED Lion Dance, A Change For Every Event

Singapore LED Lion Dance, A Change For Every Event

The Singapore Lion Dance has been impressing their clients since 2002. What started as a fitness club bloomed into a popular Singapore LED Dance group. From housewarming to opening events, they have made their audience happy as they transformed into Lion Dance Singapore.

They are new compared to other groups, but they have definitely made a name for themselves through the years. They have performed for local schools, government offices, local SMEs and so much more. Each a unique performance which made them stand out from all others.

What is A Lion Dance?

Lion Dance is a form of dance that is intended to scare away the evil spirits and bring good luck to its audience. Usually, you can find them at Chinese New Year parties and parades, but lion dance is for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, business openings, and every event that needed an extra dose of luck.

You must remember that lions are not dragons. Traditionally, only men are allowed to perform lion dance but in the 20th century, everything has changed. This is one way of any kung fu school to demonstrate and showcase the abilities of their students.

The Do’s and Don’ts During a Lion Dance

            Before the Lion Dance performance, there are some things that you should not do when interacting with a lion. It is considered sacred and should be respected at all times. Here are the rules that you should follow.

  • Never touch the lion’s horn or mirror since it brings bad luck. These are used to fight evil.
  • Do not give anything white to eat since white is a symbol of death and is very unlucky as well.
  • If there is an unused lion lying around, do not jump over its tail since this shows that you are putting yourself “above” them.
  • Greens are usually part of the performance, but never use cabbages since these are not considered lucky. The most common practice is using a lettuce or a napa cabbage to feed the lion. This will usually have a “hong bao” or a red envelope that is tied to them which will usually contain money which is a payment for the blessing.

Singapore LED dance has been the trend in every event these days. There is no wonder why the Lion Dance Singapore has been part of every special event. The Singapore LED dance group has been performing for thousands of clients since they started the Singapore Lion Dance.

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