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Why is semi-permanent nail polish better than your conventional manicure? Find out here

Why is semi-permanent nail polish better than your conventional manicure? Find out here

Gel nails, as well as other nail extensions like semi-permanent nail polish, are very popular for a lot of women nowadays.

In fact, it is already the top choice for the majority of women to use this kind of nail polish which for them comes with a lot of benefits and advantages.

Colores semipermanentes

However, despite its popularity, there are still a lot of women around the world who have not tried this trendy nail accessory which is why it would be perfect to give them the right information about the advantages of using gel nail polish and semi-permanent nail polish that will be discussed in this article.

According to beauty experts, this is a new trend that is considered as a top option for women who are always on the go knowing that it has a lot of advantages compared to your conventional nail polish. According to fashion and beauty experts, this is the most requested type of manicure in the beauty business today and it is also known for its long duration to polish the nails which do not damage the natural nails, and it also does not even weaken the natural nails.

To further explain its advantages, here are some of it that you have to know

  1. More beautiful than conventional nail polish– There is a huge difference in the appearance of using semi-permanent nail polish manicure which makes your nails look brighter and vibrant compared to your conventional manicure. The Colores de gel itself remains bright and vibrant even weeks after you applied it. It is only removed once your nails start to grow. This type of nail polish is very versatile when it comes to the vibrancy of its colors which is perfect to channel your creativity.
  2. Long-lasting– Usually, your conventional manicure will only last for a couple of weeks and chipping, cracking and other damages start to appear a few days after it was applied, however, for semi-permanent nail polishes, it lasts for a month with zero damages. It can stay longer if you are less physically active or your nails grow slower than average.
  3. Quick-drying– Using semi-permanent nail polish can make your nails dry up quickly because this type of nail polish or manicure is made from substances that are quick drying in nature making your nails dry out right away once it is placed under the ultraviolet or UV lamp to cure it. Women do not have to remain still for several hours to ensure that their nails are completely dried.
  4. Durable– There are a lot of women who complain about the visible cracks and chips on their nails when they use conventional nail polish unlike semi-permanent nail polish which is very durable which is already likened to be scratch, crack and chip-proof making it a wonderful product for women.

Bottom line

The convenience brought by semi-permanent nail polish to women is almost unparalleled aside from other great things it can offer, however, before you even decide to apply it to your nails, make sure you visit a nail salon that is expert on this.