Quick checklist for easy inspection of used cars in Oahu

Quick checklist for easy inspection of used cars in Oahu

The idea of purchasing used cars in Oahu is to save money, but what if you buy a cheap used car and then regret on its regular maintenance and repairs costs. To save you from paying all the more money, here, we are sharing what all you should check before buying a pre-owned car in Oahu.


Before giving it a final go ahead, take a mechanic along with you for a detailed inspection of the used car you want to buy.

The car should not be driven for minimum an hour before you perform any inspection.


used cars in waipahuHere are few things to check in the body of any used cars in Oahu

  • Body Condition:Start with checking the panels and roof. The objective is to look for any scratches, rust or any sort of dents. Also, look out for the alignment of panels or any big or small gaps. The color should be well finished on all the panels.
  • Glass:Checked the glass area for any cracks or pocked areas.
  • Suspension:Look out for an equal standing level and bounce the four corners to see if it rebound instantly.
  • Ensure all lights and lenses are working properly and specifically lenses are not cracked.
  • Tires:Used cars in Oahu driven up to 18,000 km as per the odometer shall have original tires. Ensure that the tread depth of the tire is at least 1/6 inches. Insert the quarter into the tread groove, with Washington’s head down.


  • Seats: With any type of new or used cars in oahu or any other state, you must check the upholstery isn’t ripped or worn out. You must the leg room space even at the back.
  • Be it brake, gas pedals or clutch, the rubber on them shall not be worn.
  • All warning lights must function instantly when you turn on the ignition switch.
  • Sound system:Look at the entire system function from its radio, USB, CD or Aux.
  • Roof:Have a look at the roof for any stains, un-fitting doors or windows.
  • If you feel the carpet is wet or smells that means there are high chances of leakage.

Engine Components

Before you make a final deal, take the used cars in Oahu to a local mechanic for checking its engine components. Be careful if the wires are hang­ing loose, firm rubber on hoses, if the engine oil is dark brown.

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